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About the Series

"Animal Kingdom" is an English, Drama-Crime TV Series by TNT. The show first premiered on June 14th, 2016 with an average rating of 7.9 on TvMaze. The average runtime of each episode is 60 minutes. The show was created by Jonathan Lisco, starring Finn Cole, Ellen Barkin, Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson, Jake Weary,

Animal Kingdom is an adrenaline-charged drama starring Ellen Barkin as the matriarch of a Southern California family whose excessive lifestyle is fueled by their criminal activities.

The show is currently in its 6th season.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 episode release schedule

Episode Episode Title Release Date
Season 6 Episode 1 (S06E01) 1992 June 19th, 2022
Season 6 Episode 2 (S06E02) Rise June 19th, 2022
Season 6 Episode 3 (S06E03) Pressure and Time June 26th, 2022
Season 6 Episode 4 (S06E04) Inside Man June 26th, 2022
Season 6 Episode 5 (S06E05) Covet July 3rd, 2022
Season 6 Episode 6 (S06E06) Diamonds Are Forever July 17th, 2022
Season 6 Episode 7 (S06E07) TBA July 24th, 2022
Season 6 Episode 8 (S06E08) TBA July 31st, 2022
Season 6 Episode 9 (S06E09) TBA August 7th, 2022
Season 6 Episode 10 (S06E10) TBA August 14th, 2022
Season 6 Episode 11 (S06E11) TBA August 21st, 2022
Season 6 Episode 12 (S06E12) TBA August 28th, 2022
Season 6 Episode 13 (S06E13) TBA September 4th, 2022

Previous Episodes

Season 1

Animal Kingdom Season 1 Poster

After his mother dies of a heroin overdose, Joshua 'J' Cody moves in with his estranged grandmother, Janine ‘Smurf' Cody in Oceanside, California. He finds himself drawn into a dark world funded by criminal activities that he's been shielded from for years, as she and his uncles plan their upcoming heist. J must prove his loyalty to stay alive, all the while learning that Smurf is the intense, beguiling, and complicated matriarch, who rules over "her boys" with a borderline incestuous love.

Season One of Animal Kingdom premiered on June 14th, 2016. This season contains Ten episodes.

Season 1 Episodes

Season 2

Animal Kingdom Season 2 Poster

As season two opens, the Cody clan is back to their old ways and in the midst of a fun, high-adrenaline heist. But when things don’t go as planned, the family dynamics become more fractured than ever as some members advocate for independence from Smurf. Adding fuel to the fire is an external threat from Smurf's past that has come back to haunt her.

Season Two of Animal Kingdom premiered on May 30th, 2017. This season contains Thirteen episodes.

Season 2 Episodes

Season 3

Animal Kingdom Season 3 Poster

With Smurf in jail and her grandson J in charge of the family business, the Cody men find themselves increasingly divided as they fight for control and their independence in season three. But when outside threats emerge, they have to come together.

Season Three of Animal Kingdom premiered on May 29th, 2018. This season contains Thirteen episodes.

Season 3 Episodes

Season 4

Animal Kingdom Season 4 Poster

In season four, Smurf is back on top reminding her boys who’s boss no matter whom she hurts in the process. Trapped with Smurf, Pope has found new and dangerous ways to deal with his anger, J continues to scheme about how to take over the family business, Craig plots one of their most difficult heists and Deran is worried about his future with Adrian. Outsiders move in to threaten the Cody’s fragile peace, including Angela the former best friend of J’s deceased mother and a recovering junkie, who tries to snake her way back into the family’s good graces. A new criminal crew is also introduced with a surprising connection to the Codys.

Season Four of Animal Kingdom premiered on May 28th, 2019. This season contains Thirteen episodes.

Season 4 Episodes

Animal Kingdom - S4E1 - Janine Janine Thumbnail

S4E1 - Janine


The Codys pull off a risky robbery that results in a big realization for Craig. The relationship between Smurf and Pope remains rocky even as Pope tries out a new outlet for his anger. Deran involves Adrian in the family business despite warnings from Craig, as J tests the waters of his new identity outside the Cody empire. A new criminal crew is introduced with a surprising connection to the Codys.

Animal Kingdom - S4E2 - Angela Angela Thumbnail

S4E2 - Angela


J reconsiders his relationship with Smurf after he gets bad news about Morgan's death. Frankie lures Craig with the promise of another big score. The arrival of an old family friend surprises Pope.

Animal Kingdom - S4E3 - Man vs. Rock Man vs. Rock Thumbnail

S4E3 - Man vs. Rock


As Craig feels the pressure of pulling off Frankie's increasingly complicated job, J grows frustrated with Mia. Deran tries to get Pope out of the house, and Smurf decides she needs answers.

Animal Kingdom - S4E4 - Tank Tank Thumbnail

S4E4 - Tank


Smurf's increasingly unnerving behavior shows up in unexpected places. J realizes he needs to set his own plans in motion if he wants to lead the family. Deran gets disturbing news from an old friend; and Pope struggles to resist Angela.

Animal Kingdom - S4E5 - Reap Reap Thumbnail

S4E5 - Reap


Pope learns disturbing details about where Smurf has been, and the revelation puts Angela's spot in the house in jeopardy. Adrian's return to Oceanside leads to a confrontation with Deran, as J lays the groundwork for a new job.

Animal Kingdom - S4E6 - Into the Black Into the Black Thumbnail

S4E6 - Into the Black


Suspicion grows when Smurf learns of a new threat to the family. Craig tracks down Frankie in the wake of her betrayal, and Deran makes a dangerous decision to try and protect his relationship with Adrian.

Animal Kingdom - S4E7 - Know Thy Enemy Know Thy Enemy Thumbnail

S4E7 - Know Thy Enemy


J gains favor with Smurf as he puts together the plan for a new job, while Angela learns more about what Smurf's been hiding. Craig explores his new relationship with Renn and Pope struggles with his changing role in the family.

Animal Kingdom - S4E8 - Ambo Ambo Thumbnail

S4E8 - Ambo


The Codys head out for a big job, even though Smurf is nowhere to be found. All eyes are on J as he assumes a leadership position in a risky heist.

Animal Kingdom - S4E9 - SHTF SHTF Thumbnail



J faces the consequences of his missteps with Mia. Pope worries about Smurf's disappearance, while Smurf visits someone from her past. Craig grows frustrated with Deran's secrecy after Deran recruits him for a dangerous assignment.

Animal Kingdom - S4E10 - Exit Strategy Exit Strategy Thumbnail

S4E10 - Exit Strategy


Smurf orders the Cody boys to plan a dangerous job while she orchestrates an elaborate party at the house. J tries to ally himself with Pope but learns he's in way over his head. Craig responds to a challenge to his newly formed family with Renn.

Animal Kingdom - S4E11 - Julia Julia Thumbnail

S4E11 - Julia


Pope grows suspicious of J when Angela reveals the circumstances of her disappearance. As the threats against Adrian loom larger, Deran scrambles to find a way out. Craig navigates new complications in his his relationship with Renn.

Animal Kingdom - S4E12 - Ghosts Ghosts Thumbnail

S4E12 - Ghosts


The Cody family sets off on Smurf's mysterious heist, unaware of the surprises that await them when they arrive, which will change the family forever.

Animal Kingdom - S4E13 - Smurf Smurf Thumbnail

S4E13 - Smurf


In the aftermath of Smurf's heist, the Codys have to protect their reputation. Deran realizes there is only one way to keep Adrian safe. Craig struggles to adapt to a new pace of life as Pope and J's growing tension reaches a boiling point.

Season 5

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Poster

Pope, Craig, Deran and J still are dealing with the fallout from the events surrounding Smurf’s death, including family members out for revenge. With their kingdom without a leader, the Codys struggle to maintain their fragile alliance, and to see which of them will come out on top. Meanwhile, they search for more information on Pamela Johnson, whom Smurf made the beneficiary of her estate. And back in 1984, an increasingly volatile 29-year-old Smurf is forging her own path raising Pope and Julia and leading the charge on dangerous jobs with new and old friends.

Season Five of Animal Kingdom premiered on July 11th, 2021. This season contains Thirteen episodes.

Season 5 Episodes

Animal Kingdom - S5E1 - Red Handed Red Handed Thumbnail

S5E1 - Red Handed


The Codys are forced to tie up some loose ends with the cousins and figure out what the family looks like without Smurf.

Animal Kingdom - S5E2 - What Remains What Remains Thumbnail

S5E2 - What Remains


As Pope deals with Smurf's remains, Craig and Renn balance their old lives with being new parents. J finds a new job through an old contact, and Deran can't outrun his past with Adrian.

Animal Kingdom - S5E3 - Freeride Freeride Thumbnail

S5E3 - Freeride


J's business secrets come to light as Pope mourns the loss of Smurf; Deran distracts himself from his own loneliness; Craig and Renn have a difficult time finding a work-life balance.

Animal Kingdom - S5E4 - Power Power Thumbnail

S5E4 - Power


Deran follows up on Smurf's will and grows frustrated with J calling the shots. Pope's mental state is fragile and Craig must deal with being a solo dad as Renn goes back to work.

Animal Kingdom - S5E5 - Family Business Family Business Thumbnail

S5E5 - Family Business


As Deran and J compete for control of the family, Pamela presents the Codys with a risky proposition; Pope processes an extra loss by exploding in violence; Craig does business with Frankie.

Animal Kingdom - S5E6 - Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home Thumbnail

S5E6 - Home Sweet Home


Tensions rise as Deran, J, and Craig do a job that risks everything the family has. Pope goes to the desert trying to outrun his grief.

Animal Kingdom - S5E7 - Splinter Splinter Thumbnail

S5E7 - Splinter


Pope confronts his demons with the help of a desert guru. Deran marks his territory as J handles business. Craig struggles with the demands of fatherhood and the temptations of his old life.

Animal Kingdom - S5E8 - Gladiators Gladiators Thumbnail

S5E8 - Gladiators


Pope helps a new friend. Deran, J, and Craig deal with the fallout from past mistakes as they make new friends and enemies.

Animal Kingdom - S5E9 - Let it Ride Let it Ride Thumbnail

S5E9 - Let it Ride


Local law enforcement turn up the heat on the Codys, as further secrets threaten to destabilize the family. Deran gets some news about Adrian. Craig discovers Renn has been keeping a secret.

Animal Kingdom - S5E10 - Relentless Relentless Thumbnail

S5E10 - Relentless


Desperate for cash, and with pressure mounting, the Codys discover what they thought was a solution to their problems may be the biggest threat of them all.

Animal Kingdom - S5E11 - Trust the Process Trust the Process Thumbnail

S5E11 - Trust the Process


J and Pope take a road trip to clean up the aftermath of some family business that went sideways. Deran and Craig scout a new mark with the help of Frankie.

Animal Kingdom - S5E12 - Loose Ends Loose Ends Thumbnail

S5E12 - Loose Ends


The Codys resolve unfinished business and plan their biggest heist ever without Smurf.

Animal Kingdom - S5E13 - Launch Launch Thumbnail

S5E13 - Launch


The Cody family use all their tools, tricks and vehicles to pull off the job of their lives and settle all scores; a deadly secret from the past is revealed.

Season 6

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Poster

Season Six of Animal Kingdom premiered on June 19th, 2022. This season contains Thirteen episodes.

Season 6 Episodes

Animal Kingdom - S6E1 - 1992 1992 Thumbnail

S6E1 - 1992


Gia visits the Cody's with a job opportunity. J schemes finances. Deran learns new renters are disrupting the neighborhood. Craig struggles with sobriety and co-parenting Nick under Renn's monitored visitation.

Animal Kingdom - S6E2 - Rise Rise Thumbnail

S6E2 - Rise


J holds a family meeting, on the hunt for a new attorney. Pope refuses to sell his vacant lot. Deran embraces his clout. Craig's sobriety is challenged. In 1992, Smurf & Andrew meet with a lawyer. Julia struggles to be heard in the family.

No Image

S6E3 - Pressure and Time


Deran and Pope search for Craig; J tries to sell Gia's diamonds; much to Smurf's displeasure, Julia gets a job at the mall and Andrew embraces Church.

No Image

S6E4 - Inside Man


J gets to know the new attorney while Craig scouts a potential new job; Deran hangs out with a guy from out of town; Pope helps a kid at the skate park; in 1992, Baz visits Andrew's church.

No Image

S6E5 - Covet


The Codys prep for the next job in present day; a reluctant Andrew, Baz and Julia do a job for Smurf in 1992.

No Image

S6E6 - Diamonds Are Forever


No Image

S6E7 - TBA


No Image

S6E8 - TBA


No Image

S6E9 - TBA


No Image

S6E10 - TBA


No Image

S6E11 - TBA


No Image

S6E12 - TBA


No Image

S6E13 - TBA



Finn Cole as Joshua

Finn Cole
as Joshua "J" Cody

Ellen Barkin as Janine

Ellen Barkin
as Janine "Smurf" Cody

Shawn Hatosy as Andrew

Shawn Hatosy
as Andrew "Pope" Cody

Ben Robson as Craig Cody

Ben Robson
as Craig Cody

Jake Weary as Deran Cody

Jake Weary
as Deran Cody