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Last Episode Aired on November 8th, 2023

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About the Series

"Culprits" is an English, Drama-Crime-Thriller web series by Disney+. The show first premiered on November 8th, 2023 with an average rating of 7.1 on TvMaze. The average runtime of each episode is 54 minutes. The show was created by J Blakeson, starring Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Gemma Arterton, Eddie Izzard, Kirby, Niamh Algar, Kamel El Basha, and Tara Abboud.

Culprits kicks off where most crime stories end: after a high-stakes heist, when the crew of elite criminals have gone their separate ways and have tried to leave their old lives behind. Past and present collide when a ruthless assassin starts targeting them one by one. Why are they being stalked, who is behind the mayhem, and will they be able to find one another in time to protect themselves and the people they love?

Previous Episodes

Season 1

Culprits Season 1 Poster

A darkly funny, whip-smart series about the aftermath of a heist. The crew have gone their separate ways, but someone is coming after them one by one.

Season One of Culprits premiered on November 8th, 2023. This season contains Eight episodes.

Season 1 Episodes

Culprits - S1E1 - Change of Use Change of Use Thumbnail

S1E1 - Change of Use


Joe is living the dream but is hiding a dangerous secret and his past is about to catch up on him.

Culprits - S1E2 - Angler Fish Angler Fish Thumbnail

S1E2 - Angler Fish


While Joe's lies spiral in the present, a flashback reveals a shocking new member of The Culprits.

Culprits - S1E3 - Pflegedienstleitung Pflegedienstleitung Thumbnail

S1E3 - Pflegedienstleitung


Specialist has an unexpected visitor and Joe embarks on a mission to neutralise the looming threat.

Culprits - S1E4 - Circles in a Circle Circles in a Circle Thumbnail

S1E4 - Circles in a Circle


After an uneasy reunion, Joe and Officer travel to France to find the killer before he finds them.

Culprits - S1E5 - Let Us Sit Bent, and Talk Straight Let Us Sit Bent, and Talk Straight Thumbnail

S1E5 - Let Us Sit Bent, and Talk Straight


The killer closes in on the culprits and his motives become clearer. But who is he working for.

Culprits - S1E6 - Vessels Vessels Thumbnail

S1E6 - Vessels


The culprits make a shocking discovery, and a trap set for the killer takes a dark turn.

Culprits - S1E7 - This Is Our Exit This Is Our Exit Thumbnail

S1E7 - This Is Our Exit


The culprits are outnumbered, and a horrified Joe is presented with an impossible decision. 

Culprits - S1E8 - A Forest A Forest Thumbnail

S1E8 - A Forest


Joe tries to manoeuvre Dianna into a trap, and the fate of his family hangs in the balance.  


Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Joe

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
as Joe

Gemma Arterton as Dianne

Gemma Arterton
as Dianne

Eddie Izzard as Vincent

Eddie Izzard
as Vincent

Kirby as Officer

as Officer

Niamh Algar as Psycho

Niamh Algar
as Psycho

Kamel El Basha as Youssef

Kamel El Basha
as Youssef

Tara Abboud as Azar

Tara Abboud
as Azar

Ned Dennehy as Devil

Ned Dennehy
as Devil

Kevin Vidal as Jules

Kevin Vidal
as Jules