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About the Series

"Family Guy" is an English, Comedy-Family TV Series by FOX. The show first premiered on January 31st, 1999 with an average rating of 7.6 on TvMaze. The average runtime of each episode is 30 minutes. The show was created by Seth MacFarlane, starring Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green,

Family Guy follows Peter Griffin the endearingly ignorant dad, and his hilariously offbeat family of middle-class New Englanders in Quahog, RI. Lois is Peter's wife, a stay-at-home mom with no patience for her family's antics. Then there are their kids: 18-year-old Meg is an outcast at school and the Griffin family punching bag; 13-year-old Chris is a socially awkward teen who doesn't have a clue about the opposite sex; and one-year-old Stewie is a diabolically clever baby whose burgeoning sexuality is very much a work in progress. Rounding out the Griffin household is Brian the family dog and a ladies' man who is one step away from AA.

The show is currently in its 21th season.

Family Guy Season 21 episode release schedule

Episode Episode Title Release Date
Season 21 Episode 1 (S21E01) Oscars Guy September 25th, 2022
Season 21 Episode 2 (S21E02) Bend or Blockbuster October 2nd, 2022
Season 21 Episode 3 (S21E03) A Wife-Changing Experience October 9th, 2022
Season 21 Episode 4 (S21E04) The Munchurian Candidate October 16th, 2022
Season 21 Episode 5 (S21E05) Unzipped Code October 23rd, 2022
Season 21 Episode 6 (S21E06) Happy Holo-ween October 30th, 2022
Season 21 Episode 7 (S21E07) The Stewaway November 13th, 2022
Season 21 Episode 8 (S21E08) Get Stewie November 20th, 2022
Season 21 Episode 9 (S21E09) Carny Knowledge December 4th, 2022
Season 21 Episode 10 (S21E10) The Candidate December 11th, 2022

Previous Episodes

Season 1

Family Guy Season 1 Poster

Season One of Family Guy premiered on January 31st, 1999. This season contains Seven episodes.

Season 1 Episodes

Season 2

Family Guy Season 2 Poster

Season Two of Family Guy premiered on September 23rd, 1999. This season contains Twenty-One episodes.

Season 2 Episodes

Season 3

Family Guy Season 3 Poster

Season Three of Family Guy premiered on July 11th, 2001. This season contains Twenty-Two episodes.

Season 3 Episodes

Season 4

Family Guy Season 4 Poster

Season Four of Family Guy premiered on May 1st, 2005. This season contains Thirty episodes.

Season 4 Episodes

Season 5

Family Guy Season 5 Poster

Season Five of Family Guy premiered on September 10th, 2006. This season contains Eighteen episodes.

Season 5 Episodes

Season 6

Family Guy Season 6 Poster

Season Six of Family Guy premiered on September 23rd, 2007. This season contains Twelve episodes.

Season 6 Episodes

Season 7

Family Guy Season 7 Poster

Season Seven of Family Guy premiered on September 28th, 2008. This season contains Sixteen episodes.

Season 7 Episodes

Season 8

Family Guy Season 8 Poster

Season Eight of Family Guy premiered on September 27th, 2009. This season contains Twenty episodes.

Season 8 Episodes

Season 9

Family Guy Season 9 Poster

Season Nine of Family Guy premiered on September 26th, 2010. This season contains Eighteen episodes.

Season 9 Episodes

Season 10

Family Guy Season 10 Poster

Season Ten of Family Guy premiered on September 25th, 2011. This season contains Twenty-Three episodes.

Season 10 Episodes

Season 11

Family Guy Season 11 Poster

Season Eleven of Family Guy premiered on September 30th, 2012. This season contains Twenty-Two episodes.

Season 11 Episodes

Season 12

Family Guy Season 12 Poster

Season Twelve of Family Guy premiered on September 29th, 2013. This season contains Twenty-One episodes.

Season 12 Episodes

Season 13

Family Guy Season 13 Poster

Season Thirteen of Family Guy premiered on September 28th, 2014. This season contains Eighteen episodes.

Season 13 Episodes

Season 14

Family Guy Season 14 Poster

Season Fourteen of Family Guy premiered on September 27th, 2015. This season contains Twenty episodes.

Season 14 Episodes

Season 15

Family Guy Season 15 Poster

Season Fifteen of Family Guy premiered on September 25th, 2016. This season contains Twenty episodes.

Season 15 Episodes

Season 16

Family Guy Season 16 Poster

Season Sixteen of Family Guy premiered on October 1st, 2017. This season contains Twenty episodes.

Season 16 Episodes

Season 17

Family Guy Season 17 Poster

Season Seventeen of Family Guy premiered on September 30th, 2018. This season contains Twenty episodes.

Season 17 Episodes

Season 18

Family Guy Season 18 Poster

Season Eighteen of Family Guy premiered on September 29th, 2019. This season contains Twenty episodes.

Season 18 Episodes

Season 19

Family Guy Season 19 Poster

Season Nineteen of Family Guy premiered on September 27th, 2020. This season contains Twenty episodes.

Season 19 Episodes

Family Guy - S19E1 - Stewie's First Word Stewie's First Word Thumbnail

S19E1 - Stewie's First Word


Stewie finally says his first word, and it's a swear. When Lois is shunned by the other moms, she tries to figure out where Stewie could have possibly learned it.

Family Guy - S19E2 - The Talented Mr. Stewie The Talented Mr. Stewie Thumbnail

S19E2 - The Talented Mr. Stewie


Stewie "breaks up with" Rupert after learning that he used to belong to Chris. Unable to get over his feelings of betrayal, Stewie decides to take action.

Family Guy - S19E3 - Boys & Squirrels Boys & Squirrels Thumbnail

S19E3 - Boys & Squirrels


When Peter injures himself and a family of squirrels in a chainsaw accident, Chris and Stewie take in one of the injured rodents to nurse it back to health. Meanwhile, a chiropractor fixes Peter's injury by realigning his spine - and restoring him to his "true height" of 6'5".

Family Guy - S19E4 - Cutawayland Cutawayland Thumbnail

S19E4 - Cutawayland


Peter and Lois accidentally set up a cutaway gag together, which somehow transports them into the cutaway itself.

Family Guy - S19E5 - La Famiglia Guy La Famiglia Guy Thumbnail

S19E5 - La Famiglia Guy


When Joe asks Peter to be the godfather to his daughter, Peter commits to his mistaken interpretation of the role so much that he becomes a real gangster.

Family Guy - S19E6 - Meg's Wedding Meg's Wedding Thumbnail

S19E6 - Meg's Wedding


Meg plans her wedding to an unexpected Quahog resident. Meanwhile, Peter finds a new vest and on one of many adventures fitting for his new attire, his arms are torn off and he is left with tiny hands that have yet to grow back.

Family Guy - S19E7 - Wild Wild West Wild Wild West Thumbnail

S19E7 - Wild Wild West


Lois and Peter are divided by differing views on who the next Mayor of Quahog should be. Upset at Lois' first choice, Peter seeks out the late Mayor Adam West's cousin, Wild Wild West.

Family Guy - S19E8 - Pawtucket Pat Pawtucket Pat Thumbnail

S19E8 - Pawtucket Pat


Brian's new job as a journalist leads him to uncover that Pawtucket Pat, Quahog's hero and brewery founder, took part in racist actions against Native Americans. The town becomes divided on whether or not to remove the statue that commemorates him.

Family Guy - S19E9 - The First No L The First No L Thumbnail

S19E9 - The First No L


When the family fails to help Lois with the Christmas shopping, she walks out on the family and the Griffins must try to save Christmas on their own.

Family Guy - S19E10 - Fecal Matters Fecal Matters Thumbnail

S19E10 - Fecal Matters


When Peter makes it through a bad flu season without getting sick, the hospital asks him to volunteer as a nurse, but he finds himself at a crossroads when his mortal enemy, The Giant Chicken, is admitted to the ER. Meanwhile, Brian receives his genetic test results and learns he is part cat, causing him to have an identity crisis.

Family Guy - S19E11 - Boy's Best Friend Boy's Best Friend Thumbnail

S19E11 - Boy's Best Friend


While Brian bonds with the son of his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Peter, Quagmire and Cleveland take a joy ride in Joe's new classic corvette.

Family Guy - S19E12 - And Then There's Fraud And Then There's Fraud Thumbnail

S19E12 - And Then There's Fraud


After attending a baseball game, Peter and Chris are inspired to start a memorabilia business. Meanwhile, Stewie tries to combat aging by getting plastic surgery, but ends up taking it too far.

Family Guy - S19E13 - PeTerminator PeTerminator Thumbnail

S19E13 - PeTerminator


Stewie designs a "Terminator" Peter robot to destroy Lois for trying to feed him broccoli, but when things don't go according to plan, Stewie and Brian must go on a Terminator-esque mission to save Stewie's life.

Family Guy - S19E14 - The Marrying Kind The Marrying Kind Thumbnail

S19E14 - The Marrying Kind


Stewie gets a mail order bride from Ukraine and experiences domestic life. Meanwhile, Peter and Chris become addicted to free hotel breakfast buffets.

Family Guy - S19E15 - Customer of the Week Customer of the Week Thumbnail

S19E15 - Customer of the Week


After feeling unappreciated by her family, Lois taps into her villainous side and attempts to win "Best Customer" at her favorite coffee shop.

Family Guy - S19E16 - Who's Brian Now? Who's Brian Now? Thumbnail

S19E16 - Who's Brian Now?


Brian has a microchip that reveals he had a family before the Griffins, when he then seeks out. After meeting the richer, smarter Hendersons, Brian struggles to enjoy his life with the Griffins as much as he once did.

Family Guy - S19E17 - The Young Parent Trap The Young Parent Trap Thumbnail

S19E17 - The Young Parent Trap


Lois and Peter are mistaken for "young parents" by another couple at Stewie's school and invited to live in a millennial apartment complex, leaving Meg and Chris home alone.

Family Guy - S19E18 - Meg Goes to College Meg Goes to College Thumbnail

S19E18 - Meg Goes to College


Meg deals with a college admissions scandal, while Brian embarks on a fitness journey.

Family Guy - S19E19 - Family Cat Family Cat Thumbnail

S19E19 - Family Cat


Brian tries to convince The Griffins that their new adopted cat, Pouncy, is evil.

Family Guy - S19E20 - Tales of Former Sports Glory Tales of Former Sports Glory Thumbnail

S19E20 - Tales of Former Sports Glory


The guys regale each other with stories of youthful athletic accomplishments. Cleveland was a teenage baseball player from Cuba, Quagmire was a bad boy tennis superstar from New York and Peter was an underdog boxer from Philadelphia.

Season 20

Family Guy Season 20 Poster

Season Twenty of Family Guy premiered on September 26th, 2021. This season contains Twenty episodes.

Season 20 Episodes

Family Guy - S20E1 - LASIK Instinct LASIK Instinct Thumbnail

S20E1 - LASIK Instinct


With her vision waning, Lois elects to get LASIK surgery, but exploits her new disability for monetary gain. Meanwhile, Peter, Chris and Stewie must partake in all the activities with Doug that his father neglects.

Family Guy - S20E2 - Rock Hard Rock Hard Thumbnail

S20E2 - Rock Hard


While at an old record store, Peter and the guys recount tales of three rock legends: Jim Morrison, Muddy Waters and Elton John.

Family Guy - S20E3 - Must Love Dogs Must Love Dogs Thumbnail

S20E3 - Must Love Dogs


Quagmire meets an avid dog lover, and pretends Brian is his dog in an attempt to win her over. Meanwhile, Chris helps Stewie track down the culprit who stole his Halloween candy in the "Must Love Dogs" Halloween-themed episode of  FAMILY GUY.

Family Guy - S20E4 - 80's Guy 80's Guy Thumbnail

S20E4 - 80's Guy


Impelled by nostalgia, Peter recreates movie scenes from his favorite decade. Meanwhile, Stewie and Doug compete to retrieve a frisbee stuck at the top of the jungle gym.

Family Guy - S20E5 - Brief Encounter Brief Encounter Thumbnail

S20E5 - Brief Encounter


When Peter and Quagmire accidentally switch underwear, they begin to mimic the other's behavior. Meanwhile, Stewie and Doug agree to commit each other's murders.

Family Guy - S20E6 - Cootie & The Blowhard Cootie & The Blowhard Thumbnail

S20E6 - Cootie & The Blowhard


Stewie takes drastic measures when he thinks he is diagnosed with terminal "cooties." Meanwhile, Peter becomes infatuated with Bonnie's cooking.

Family Guy - S20E7 - Peterschmidt Manor Peterschmidt Manor Thumbnail

S20E7 - Peterschmidt Manor


Lois and her father attend the funeral of Lois' childhood nanny. Meanwhile, Peter and the rest of the family turn Pewterschmidt mansion into a hotel.

Family Guy - S20E8 - The Birthday Bootlegger The Birthday Bootlegger Thumbnail

S20E8 - The Birthday Bootlegger


A new boss (Preston Lloyd) quells Peter's favorite part about work: office birthdays. Meanwhile, Stewie is put in detention and comes out a ruffian.

Family Guy - S20E9 - The Fatman Always Rings Twice The Fatman Always Rings Twice Thumbnail

S20E9 - The Fatman Always Rings Twice


In noir-style, Peter/Mac investigates the disappearance of Meg/Sister Megan.

Family Guy - S20E10 - Christmas Crime Christmas Crime Thumbnail

S20E10 - Christmas Crime


When Mayor West's nativity scene is ruined, Brian is seen as the prime suspect.

Family Guy - S20E11 - Mister Act Mister Act Thumbnail

S20E11 - Mister Act


An accident leaves Peter with a high-pitched voice, and Jesus coaches him into fending off the other choir boys; meanwhile, Stewie is attracted to Lois' new masculine physique.

Family Guy - S20E12 - The Lois Quagmire The Lois Quagmire Thumbnail

S20E12 - The Lois Quagmire


At odds with Peter, Lois takes Quagmire to her high school reunion. Meanwhile, the rest of the family must cover up the death of a pizza delivery man.

Family Guy - S20E13 - Lawyer Guy Lawyer Guy Thumbnail

S20E13 - Lawyer Guy


Peter hires the town's new lawyer, Brick Baker, to represent him in litigation against his new neighbor.. who turns out to be Brick. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie become lobstermen and save Rupert from the perils of the deep.

Family Guy - S20E14 - HBO-No HBO-No Thumbnail

S20E14 - HBO-No


The Griffins tell their own versions of three HBO shows: "Game of Thrones," "Succession" and "Big Little Lies."

Family Guy - S20E15 - Hard Boiled Meg Hard Boiled Meg Thumbnail

S20E15 - Hard Boiled Meg


Meg is invigorated by her new role as a getaway driver, Meanwhile, Quagmire can't rid himself of the hiccups and implores Peter to kill him.

Family Guy - S20E16 - Prescription Heroine Prescription Heroine Thumbnail

S20E16 - Prescription Heroine


After Brian sustains an injury, Lois gets hooked on his painkillers. Meanwhile, Cleveland refurbishes Peter's ping pong table, which becomes the hot spot in the neighborhood.

Family Guy - S20E17 - All About Alana All About Alana Thumbnail

S20E17 - All About Alana


When Lois' piano student, Alana, comes to work for the Griffins, Lois is initially glad for the help, until she realizes Alana's intentions are more sinister than she thought.

Family Guy - S20E18 - Girlfriend, Eh? Girlfriend, Eh? Thumbnail

S20E18 - Girlfriend, Eh?


Peter and Chris take a road trip to Canada to prove the existence of Chris' girlfriend. Meanwhile, Lois and Meg compete for the attention of a handsome handyman.

Family Guy - S20E19 - First Blood First Blood Thumbnail

S20E19 - First Blood


The guys' physical prowess is tested at Mayor West's dude ranch. Meanwhile, Stewie thinks he's gotten his first period.

Family Guy - S20E20 - Jersey Bore Jersey Bore Thumbnail

S20E20 - Jersey Bore


Peter attends a business conference in Atlantic City with Preston. Meanwhile, Stewie helps Chris prepare for his role in Adam West High's rendition of "Romeo and Juliet".

Season 21

Family Guy Season 21 Poster

Season Twenty-One of Family Guy premiered on September 25th, 2022. This season contains Ten episodes.

Season 21 Episodes

Family Guy - S21E1 - Oscars Guy Oscars Guy Thumbnail

S21E1 - Oscars Guy


"Family Guy" retells three Oscar-winning stories: "Silence of the Lambs," "American Beauty" and "Forrest Gump,".

Family Guy - S21E2 - Bend or Blockbuster Bend or Blockbuster Thumbnail

S21E2 - Bend or Blockbuster


Resolved to enjoy a family movie night, the Griffins take a road trip to Bend, Oregon, to rent a VHS from the last Blockbuster in existence.

Family Guy - S21E3 - A Wife-Changing Experience A Wife-Changing Experience Thumbnail

S21E3 - A Wife-Changing Experience


Joe accidentally sees Lois naked, leading to a reinvigoration of his sex life with Bonnie. Meanwhile, Stewie is gifted an electric SUV and quickly embodies the "Range Rover" lifestyle.

Family Guy - S21E4 - The Munchurian Candidate The Munchurian Candidate Thumbnail

S21E4 - The Munchurian Candidate


Lois hypnotizes Peter into satisfying her sexual proclivities. Meanwhile, Stewie renovates his treehouse in an attempt to win over Brian and Chris.

Family Guy - S21E5 - Unzipped Code Unzipped Code Thumbnail

S21E5 - Unzipped Code


Cleveland is fired as a mailman after an ignominious mishap, but flourishes in his new job at the brewery.

Family Guy - S21E6 - Happy Holo-ween Happy Holo-ween Thumbnail

S21E6 - Happy Holo-ween


Peter makes a hologram of himself in order to get out of menial household duties.

Family Guy - S21E7 - The Stewaway The Stewaway Thumbnail

S21E7 - The Stewaway


During a game of "hide and seek," Stewie takes refuge in Quagmire's suitcase, only to wind up in Paris. Meanwhile, Peter and Lois take a getaway to Vermont, where Lois is intent on breaking Bonnie's Instagram "like" record.

Family Guy - S21E8 - Get Stewie Get Stewie Thumbnail

S21E8 - Get Stewie


Stewie finds himself in public disgrace after a popstar unleashes her fan base on him for a benign comment. Meanwhile, Peter gets lap band surgery and enjoys the merriment of excess skin.

Family Guy - S21E9 - Carny Knowledge Carny Knowledge Thumbnail

S21E9 - Carny Knowledge


Peter and Chris finish last in a "Generation Gap" game at a carnival, forcing them to try to reconnect. Meanwhile, Brian starts to date a carny, whom he can't break up with even after witnessing some of her crude habits.

No Image

S21E10 - The Candidate


Stewie and Doug compete for the honor of class "snack captain".


Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin / Brian Griffin / Stewie Griffin / Glenn Quagmire / Tom Tucker (voice)

Seth MacFarlane
as Peter Griffin / Brian Griffin / Stewie Griffin / Glenn Quagmire / Tom Tucker (voice)

Alex Borstein as Lois Griffin / Tricia Takanawa / Loretta Brown / Barbara Pewterschmidt (voice)

Alex Borstein
as Lois Griffin / Tricia Takanawa / Loretta Brown / Barbara Pewterschmidt (voice)

Seth Green as Chris Griffin (voice)

Seth Green
as Chris Griffin (voice)