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Last Episode Aired on August 3rd, 2022

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About the Series

"Good Morning, Verônica", originally named "Bom Dia, Verônica" is a Portuguese, Action-Thriller-Mystery web series by Netflix. The show first premiered on October 1st, 2020 with an average rating of 7.1 on TvMaze. The average runtime of each episode is 48 minutes. The show was created by Raphael Montes, starring Tainá Müller, Klara Castanho, Reynaldo Gianecchini,

Adapted from the eponymous book written by the criminologist Ilana Casoy and the writer Raphael Montes, the fictional thriller accompanies this determined police officer, who uses all her investigative skills to dive into two intriguing cases and help victims to wake up against violence and injustice. The first, a woman tricked by an internet scammer. The second, Janete, the wife of Brandão, an intelligent and dangerous serial killer who leads an apparently normal life, but who, behind the facade, reveals a cruel mind capable of imprisoning its prey like birds in a cage.

Previous Episodes

Season 1

Bom dia, Verônica Season 1 Poster

Season One of Bom dia, Verônica premiered on October 1st, 2020. This season contains Eight episodes.

Season 1 Episodes

Bom dia, Verônica - S1E1 - Bom Dia, Verônica Bom Dia, Verônica Thumbnail

S1E1 - Bom Dia, Verônica


After a suicide happens right in front of her, police clerk Verônica hunts for the victim's identity and motive. A terrorized wife hides a dark secret.


Bom dia, Verônica - S1E2 - Dentro da Caixa Dentro da Caixa Thumbnail

S1E2 - Dentro da Caixa


When another Ideal Love victim comes forward, Verônica suspects the deep web might hold a lead. While her husband is out, Janete calls Verônica.


Bom dia, Verônica - S1E3 - Uma Visita Inesperada Uma Visita Inesperada Thumbnail

S1E3 - Uma Visita Inesperada


Janete's sister shows up for an unexpected stay. Posing as a buyer, the police arrange to meet the Polaroid seller. Verônica checks Janete's dates.


Bom dia, Verônica - S1E4 - Ciao, Principessa Ciao, Principessa Thumbnail

S1E4 - Ciao, Principessa


Worrying news about her sister leads Janete to start collecting evidence against her husband. Using an alias, Verônica posts a profile on Ideal Love.


Bom dia, Verônica - S1E5 - Fora da Caixa Fora da Caixa Thumbnail

S1E5 - Fora da Caixa


Janete pays a price for disobedience but continues to gather and pass info to Verônica, who records an upsetting conversation between Carvana and Anita.


Bom dia, Verônica - S1E6 - A Gaiola A Gaiola Thumbnail

S1E6 - A Gaiola


Undeterred after being ambushed on the road, Verônica continues to follow Brandão's car via his cellphone, which Nelson tracks turn by turn.


Bom dia, Verônica - S1E7 - Voa, Passarinha Voa, Passarinha Thumbnail

S1E7 - Voa, Passarinha


After getting news about Tânia, Verônica snoops in Anita's office and finds a link to her dad's last case. Janete takes an extreme step to stop Brandão.


Bom dia, Verônica - S1E8 - A mulher que sabia demais A mulher que sabia demais Thumbnail

S1E8 - A mulher que sabia demais


Verônica goes rogue and sets out to get revenge for Tânia and Janete, whose crossword puzzle book provides clues to the exact location of the ranch.

Season 2

Bom dia, Verônica Season 2 Poster

Season Two of Bom dia, Verônica premiered on August 3rd, 2022. This season contains Six episodes.

Season 2 Episodes

Bom dia, Verônica - S2E1 - Perdas e ganhos Perdas e ganhos Thumbnail

S2E1 - Perdas e ganhos


Hungry for revenge and missing her family, Verônica tracks down her first member of the mafia and reunites with an old ally. Anita makes a discovery.

Bom dia, Verônica - S2E2 - Lobo em pele de cordeiro Lobo em pele de cordeiro Thumbnail

S2E2 - Lobo em pele de cordeiro


In search of Doúm, Verônica investigates the new orphanage. A suspicious Angela begins to doubt her father's healing practices.

Bom dia, Verônica - S2E3 - Entre o céu e o inferno Entre o céu e o inferno Thumbnail

S2E3 - Entre o céu e o inferno


An explosive loss hardens Verônica's resolve. As Anita chases possible leads to Janete, Angela enters into an unlikely alliance.

Bom dia, Verônica - S2E4 - Verdade ou consequência Verdade ou consequência Thumbnail

S2E4 - Verdade ou consequência


After infiltrating the Healing House, Verônica races to stop Matias before he can enact his plan — or retaliate against her family.

Bom dia, Verônica - S2E5 - O silêncio das inocentes O silêncio das inocentes Thumbnail

S2E5 - O silêncio das inocentes


A shocking revelation sends Verônica reeling. Angela is forced to confront the reality of her father's abuse when he takes in a new houseguest.

Bom dia, Verônica - S2E6 - Doúm Doúm Thumbnail

S2E6 - Doúm


As Matias scrambles to thwart her and retain power, Verônica uncovers the full extent of his crimes. Gisele makes a choice.


Tainá Müller as Verônica Torres

Tainá Müller
as Verônica Torres

Klara Castanho as

Klara Castanho

Reynaldo Gianecchini as

Reynaldo Gianecchini