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About the Series

"Harley Quinn" is an English, Comedy-Action-Crime web series by HBO Max. The show first premiered on November 29th, 2019 with an average rating of 7.7 on TvMaze. The average runtime of each episode is 28 minutes. The show was created by Dean Lorey, Patrick Schumacker, and Justin Halpern, starring Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell,

Harley Quinn, based on the DC characters, focuses on Harley Quinn who has finally broken things off once and for all with the Joker and attempts to make it on her own as the criminal Queenpin of Gotham City. The series features Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and a whole cast of heroes and villains, old and new, from the DC Universe.

The show is currently in its 3rd season.

Harley Quinn Season 3 episode release schedule

Episode Episode Title Release Date
Season 3 Episode 1 (S03E01) Harlivy July 28th, 2022
Season 3 Episode 2 (S03E02) There's No Ivy in Team July 28th, 2022
Season 3 Episode 3 (S03E03) The 83rd Annual Villy Awards July 28th, 2022
Season 3 Episode 4 (S03E04) A Thief, A Mole, An Orgy August 4th, 2022
Season 3 Episode 5 (S03E05) It's a Swamp Thing August 11th, 2022
Season 3 Episode 6 (S03E06) Joker: The Killing Vote August 18th, 2022
Season 3 Episode 7 (S03E07) Another Sharkley Adventure August 25th, 2022
Season 3 Episode 8 (S03E08) Batman Begins Forever September 1st, 2022
Season 3 Episode 9 (S03E09) Climax at Jazzapajizza September 8th, 2022
Season 3 Episode 10 (S03E10) The Horse and The Sparrow September 15th, 2022

Previous Episodes

Season 1

Harley Quinn Season 1 Poster

Season One of Harley Quinn premiered on November 29th, 2019. This season contains Thirteen episodes.

Season 1 Episodes

Harley Quinn - S1E1 - Til Death Do Us Part Til Death Do Us Part Thumbnail

S1E1 - Til Death Do Us Part


Joker abandons Harley Quinn--again--and Poison Ivy tries to convince Harley that Joker is no good for her.

Harley Quinn - S1E2 - A High Bar A High Bar Thumbnail

S1E2 - A High Bar


Harley crashes Penguin's nephew's bar mitzvah in an attempt to impress the Legion of Doom. Kite Man hits on Ivy, and Joker can't resist demeaning Bane.

Harley Quinn - S1E3 - So You Need a Crew? So You Need a Crew? Thumbnail

S1E3 - So You Need a Crew?


After Joker "steals" one of her heists, Harley figures that she needs to put together a crew of her own. However, no man wants to work for a female super-villain.

Harley Quinn - S1E4 - Finding Mr. Right Finding Mr. Right Thumbnail

S1E4 - Finding Mr. Right


When Harley tries to get her first nemesis, she ends up with Robin and isn't happy. Batman comes to his ward's rescue, and Joker comes looking for the nemesis that he thinks Harley stole from him.

Harley Quinn - S1E5 - Being Harley Quinn Being Harley Quinn Thumbnail

S1E5 - Being Harley Quinn


Harley is forced to make a decision on her own and suffers level-four brain freeze. To save her, Dr. Psycho takes the crew into Harley's mind to reboot it. Meanwhile Sy teams up with his old spy partner to dispose of the comatose crew members.

Harley Quinn - S1E6 - You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon Thumbnail

S1E6 - You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon


Commissioner Gordon loses a friend in Batman, but gains a new one when he interrogates Clayface's severed arm. Meanwhile, Harley and Clayface try to steal the arm back, and Psycho and Ivy visits the Cowled Critic who dared to criticize Harley's crew.

Harley Quinn - S1E7 - The Line The Line Thumbnail

S1E7 - The Line


Harley breaks the Queen of Fables out of prison to add some evil oomph to her crew – but maybe Fables is a little TOO evil?

Harley Quinn - S1E8 - L.O.D.R.S.V.P L.O.D.R.S.V.P Thumbnail

S1E8 - L.O.D.R.S.V.P


Harley gets an invite to the Legion of Doom's prospective members party, but Ivy discovers that it's her they're really after.

Harley Quinn - S1E9 - A Seat at the Table A Seat at the Table Thumbnail

S1E9 - A Seat at the Table


Now a member of the Legion of Doom and The Joker's equal, Harley finds herself spending time with him. Will she slip into her old ways?

Harley Quinn - S1E10 - Bensonhurst Bensonhurst Thumbnail

S1E10 - Bensonhurst


After a falling out with her crew, Harley heads back home to Bensonhurst, where her doting mother waits for her... and her deadbeat dad, who's more dangerous than anticipated.

Harley Quinn - S1E11 - Harley Quinn Highway Harley Quinn Highway Thumbnail

S1E11 - Harley Quinn Highway


Harley must rescue Ivy from the clutches of Scarecrow, who's trying to harvest her pheromones to make a super toxin that turns plants into sentient monsters.

Harley Quinn - S1E12 - Devil's Snare Devil's Snare Thumbnail

S1E12 - Devil's Snare


Harley thinks the Legion of Doom is behind Ivy's capture and the tree monsters currently ravaging Gotham. But it's a trap!

Harley Quinn - S1E13 - The Final Joke The Final Joke Thumbnail

S1E13 - The Final Joke


Harley has her final showdown with the Joker, when [spoilers] [spoil] [spoilers]. Will they [spoiler]? Maybe. But you can bet they [spoiler]!

Season 2

Harley Quinn Season 2 Poster

Season Two of Harley Quinn premiered on April 3rd, 2020. This season contains Thirteen episodes.

Season 2 Episodes

Harley Quinn - S2E1 - New Gotham New Gotham Thumbnail

S2E1 - New Gotham


After Gotham is declared no longer part of the United States, the newly formed Injustice League try to seize control of the city away from Harley.

Harley Quinn - S2E2 - Riddle U Riddle U Thumbnail

S2E2 - Riddle U


Harley & Ivy go undercover as college students to take down Riddler, who's made himself dean of the local university with sinister plans for students.

Harley Quinn - S2E3 - Trapped Trapped Thumbnail

S2E3 - Trapped


Harley & Ivy team up with Catwoman to steal a museum artifact that's been boobytrapped by Dr. Trap. Meanwhile, Dr. Psycho tries to prove himself as a leader.

Harley Quinn - S2E4 - Thawing Hearts Thawing Hearts Thumbnail

S2E4 - Thawing Hearts


Harley and crew try to infiltrate Mr. Freeze's lair only to become human lab rats for his experiments to find a cure for his cryogenically frozen wife, Nora.

Harley Quinn - S2E5 - Batman's Back Man Batman's Back Man Thumbnail

S2E5 - Batman's Back Man


Bruce Wayne awakens from his coma to find Gotham in shambles. Meanwhile, Two-Face attempts to forge a criminal alliance with Bane, to be the only two Big Bads left in Gotham.

Harley Quinn - S2E6 - All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues Thumbnail

S2E6 - All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues


When Harley & Ivy spot a seemingly sane Joker, they debate whether people can change – revisiting a flashback about Harleen Quinzel's first day at Arkham.

Harley Quinn - S2E7 - There's No Place To Go But Down There's No Place To Go But Down Thumbnail

S2E7 - There's No Place To Go But Down


Acting as a judge, Two Face sentences Harley & Ivy to life in Bane's prison. Meanwhile, Jim Gordon and Batgirl vow to take back the GCPD from Two Face.

Harley Quinn - S2E8 - Inner (Para) Demons Inner (Para) Demons Thumbnail

S2E8 - Inner (Para) Demons


While Harley & Ivy deal with their post-kiss awkwardness, the President tells Gordon that he must get rid of Harley to put Gotham back on the map.

Harley Quinn - S2E9 - Bachelorette Bachelorette Thumbnail

S2E9 - Bachelorette


It's Bachelor/Bachelorette weekend for Ivy and Kite Man.

Harley Quinn - S2E10 - Dye Hard Dye Hard Thumbnail

S2E10 - Dye Hard


Alone on Christmas Eve, Harley reconnects with a now-sane Joker and heads to Wayne Tower, where their dinner is interrupted by an escaped Riddler and ParaDemons.

Harley Quinn - S2E11 - A Fight Worth Fighting For A Fight Worth Fighting For Thumbnail

S2E11 - A Fight Worth Fighting For


In order to defeat Psycho's army, Harley & Joker need to track down Fables' storybook with the Justice League inside.

Harley Quinn - S2E12 - Lovers' Quarrel Lovers' Quarrel Thumbnail

S2E12 - Lovers' Quarrel


Darkseid agrees to give Psycho the world if he brings him the head of Harley Quinn, so Psycho controls Ivy to set her against Harley.

Harley Quinn - S2E13 - The Runaway Bridesmaid The Runaway Bridesmaid Thumbnail

S2E13 - The Runaway Bridesmaid


Ivy and Kite Man's wedding plans are threatened to be derailed by an overzealous Commissioner Gordon who can't resist a party with all of Gotham's biggest villains; Ivy and Kite Man's best chance at happiness is for Harley to come to the rescue.

Season 3

Harley Quinn Season 3 Poster

Wrapping up their “Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour,” Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy return to Gotham as the new power couple of DC villainy. Along with their ragtag crew – King Shark, Clayface, Frank the Plant - “Harlivy” strives to become the best version of themselves while also working towards Ivy’s long desired plan of transforming Gotham into an Eden paradise.

Season Three of Harley Quinn premiered on July 28th, 2022. This season contains Ten episodes.

Season 3 Episodes

Harley Quinn - S3E1 - Harlivy Harlivy Thumbnail

S3E1 - Harlivy


After fleeing the wedding, Harley and Ivy go on an "Eat Bang Kill" tour that leads them to a secret project Ivy abandoned years ago.

Harley Quinn - S3E2 - There's No Ivy in Team There's No Ivy in Team Thumbnail

S3E2 - There's No Ivy in Team


After a heist gone wrong, Harley takes the crew to an escape room to foster camaraderie and sharpen Ivy's leadership skills.

Harley Quinn - S3E3 - The 83rd Annual Villy Awards The 83rd Annual Villy Awards Thumbnail

S3E3 - The 83rd Annual Villy Awards


After receiving a "Best Couple" nomination at the 83rd Annual Villy Awards, Ivy finds herself seated next to her ex's new girlfriend while Harley goes overboard to ensure their win.

Harley Quinn - S3E4 - A Thief, A Mole, An Orgy A Thief, A Mole, An Orgy Thumbnail

S3E4 - A Thief, A Mole, An Orgy


When Frank goes missing, Harley and Ivy follow clues that lead them to a highly unconventional party alongside Gotham's elite, including Commissioner Gordon - who is hungry for campaign donations.

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S3E5 - It's a Swamp Thing


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S3E6 - Joker: The Killing Vote


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S3E7 - Another Sharkley Adventure


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S3E8 - Batman Begins Forever


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S3E9 - Climax at Jazzapajizza


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S3E10 - The Horse and The Sparrow



Kaley Cuoco as Harley Quinn (voice)

Kaley Cuoco
as Harley Quinn (voice)

Lake Bell as Poison Ivy (voice)

Lake Bell
as Poison Ivy (voice)