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About the Series

"Suspect" is an English, Drama-Crime TV Series by Channel 4. The show first premiered on June 19th, 2022 with an average rating of 5.3 on TvMaze. The average runtime of each episode is 30 minutes.

When veteran detective, Danny Frater, turns up at a hospital mortuary for what he thinks is a routine ID check on a young woman's body, he gets a devastating shock; the corpse turns out to be his estranged daughter, Christina.  Danny is traumatized by the news that according to the post-mortem report, she's taken her own life. Danny and Christina had a complicated father-daughter relationship in recent years, but he refuses to accept that she would have ended her own life.  He sets out on a mission for the truth, retracing her last days and hours, in an agonising crusade to discover what really happened to his only child.

Previous Episodes

Season 1

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Season One of Suspect premiered on June 19th, 2022. This season contains Eight episodes.

Season 1 Episodes

Suspect - S1E1 - Jackie Jackie Thumbnail

S1E1 - Jackie


When veteran detective Danny Frater turns up at a hospital mortuary for what he thinks is a routine ID check, he gets a devastating shock. The deceased - a young woman - turns out to be his estranged daughter, Christina. According to the post-mortem report, she's taken her own life. Although the pathologist, Jackie Sowden, insists that the evidence points overwhelmingly toward suicide, Danny refuses to accept her findings, and he forces Jackie to take him through her examination step-by-step.

Suspect - S1E2 - Nicola Nicola Thumbnail

S1E2 - Nicola


Detective Danny Frater arrives at the apartment where his estranged daughter Christina's body was found, and manages to find his way inside. As he carries out a search, he is startled to discover a young woman hiding in the bedroom. Although she does her best to escape, Danny manages to prevent her and forces her to answer his questions. She turns out to be Christina's wife, Nicola, and their subsequent conversation reveals as much about Danny's estrangement from his daughter as it does Christina's increasingly dark and complicated life.

Suspect - S1E3 - Maia Maia Thumbnail

S1E3 - Maia


Bruised by his encounter with Nicola, Danny goes to The Crimson Orchid gentlemen's club to look for Maia, who Nicola has accused of corrupting Christina. Maia stonewalls Danny's questions, but when he tells her that Christina may have been murdered, her façade of indifference cracks. Danny knows that Christina was involved in criminal activity, and he assumes Maia has lured her into prostitution, but in the face of her angry denials, he realises that Christina was selling drugs.

Suspect - S1E4 - Jaisal Jaisal Thumbnail

S1E4 - Jaisal


Against Maia's advice, Danny goes alone to meet with Christina's supplier, who is revealed to be Jaisal Batra, a corrupt former police officer-turned-club owner. Initially, Jaisal easily parries his ex-colleague's clumsy attempts at interrogation, but Danny's behaviour is increasingly volatile, and he takes drastic action in exchange for information from Jaisal.

Suspect - S1E5 - Ryan Ryan Thumbnail

S1E5 - Ryan


Danny goes to confront his former police partner Ryan. Initially, he does not mention the CCTV footage that proves Ryan was with Christina shortly before she died. But as his old friend becomes pricklier and more evasive in response to his questioning, it becomes too much for Danny and he reveals what he knows - prompting an extremely violent reaction.

Suspect - S1E6 - Harry Harry Thumbnail

S1E6 - Harry


The circumstantial evidence that Danny has collected in the course of his encounters now leads him to what he expects will be a showdown with Christina's murderer - urbane pharmaceutical industry executive-turned-entrepreneur and investor Harry Carr. But when he goes to challenge him, Danny is taken by surprise.

Suspect - S1E7 - Susannah Susannah Thumbnail

S1E7 - Susannah


A humbled and subdued Danny returns to the mortuary to say a final goodbye to Christina in the company of ex-wife Susannah. However, any attempts to reminisce about Christina as a little girl quickly turn into recriminations about why neither of them was aware of the life she was leading.

Suspect - S1E8 - Danny Danny Thumbnail

S1E8 - Danny


Danny turns up on Jackie's doorstep to question why the evidence of foul play he has uncovered was not mentioned in her post-mortem report. After tricking his way into her home, he discovers a link between Jackie and one of the people he has interviewed, and speculates about her role in a cover-up - only for her to turn the tables on him.


James Nesbitt as Danny Frater

James Nesbitt
as Danny Frater

Imogen King as Christina

Imogen King
as Christina

Sam Heughan as Ryan

Sam Heughan
as Ryan

Richard E. Grant as Harry

Richard E. Grant
as Harry

Antonia Thomas as Maia

Antonia Thomas
as Maia

Sacha Dhawan as Jaisal

Sacha Dhawan
as Jaisal

Niamh Algar as Nicola

Niamh Algar
as Nicola

Joely Richardson as Jackie Snowden

Joely Richardson
as Jackie Snowden

Anne-Marie Duff as Susannah

Anne-Marie Duff
as Susannah

Ben Miller as Richard

Ben Miller
as Richard